Printed Wristbands

Economical and fun wristbands

Colourful, waterproof and easy-to-wear, wristbands are a fun and innovative way to get the word out on your campaign. Personalised messages, logos and campaign slogans screen printed in a choice of colours directly onto the wristband. Silicone bands are a great way of raising awareness for a charity or cause, and can also be used as giveaways for promotional events.

Our printed wristbands are suitale for bulk orders, but please know that with this wristband style there is nothing to protect the ink from everyday wear. Daily friction against clothing, swimming, showering will cause the ink to be worn away over time. If you wish to order wristbands you plan on wearing daily, we highly recommend our Embossed Wristbands or Debossed Wristbands as their messages are far more durable and better protected on these wristband styles.

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